And we’re back….

Greetings multiverse! Apologies for our absence. 

Long months of moving house have zapped all brain resources!

But we turned ourselves on and off again and we seem to be working once more! (Although the internet here is slower than a sloth race!)

We are now even deeper in the Shire, surrounded by oak trees and wild beasties! Muntjac deer, birds, squirrels, ethereal wisps and enchanted hideaways.

Much is to do. Our house needs tender loving cash to bring it to life! New kitchen and bathroom to plan not to mention the veggie patch. The long term plan is self sufficiency and with almost 2 acres we have the potential to produce a great deal. The other part of the plan is jobs for the kids so to speak. When school days draw to a close either through ill health, age or even just the holidays, Fergus and Gwen need something to focus on. Having animals and plants to look after and nurture will offer them great therapy and boost their mental wellbeing. 

So the plans have started! Notebooks and blackboards are filled with ideas. Spring beckons and there’s veggies to plant! 


The Wasp and the Light Bulb 

Oh fiery dome of gorgeous yellow 
Won’t you warm this weary fellow

For I have travelled from afar 

To head butt this sexy indoor star

She glows with such wanton lust

Waiting for my dozy thrust

Oh shimmering siren of molten shine

Whilst thou be forever mine?

May I burn my bottom & sizzle internally 

As long as you are mine for all eternity…

Sunshine on an Autumn day.

We are dancing about the Sun’s golden petticoats today! The landscape is awash with a warm glow of Autumn. Everything has slowed down. Dozy wasps and sleepy livestock bathe in whats left of the Sun’s warmth. Time for hibernation, log fires and fine Whisky!