One day…

One day I’ll awake and have a great shock

As I jump up from bed at the sight of my clock 

It’ll be morning, not night & to my delight 

We’ll all have slept right through till it’s light!

No 1am worrying or 2am twitching 

..then at 3am..’was that a thumping down in the kitchen??’

…no more nodding off (after being awake since 2)

To hear a 5 am shout…’I need a poo!’

One day we’ll all sleep right the way through 

All rested, contented and feeling renewed 

But it’ll be Monday I’m certain to bet 

And the whole family will have overslept 

We’ll burn the breakfast and miss the bus 

Be late for school and cause a fuss!

…but for now there’s coffee to give me some zing

I can day dream Santa will bring me some gin! 

Or failing that chocolate or maybe some treat

Like a lovely, delightful full nights sleep! 

Strictly come PrancingĀ 

‘Tis the season for our BBC

To glow with tangoed sequinned glee,

For well known folk from stage and screen

Have books to sell and careers to preen.

For endless hours, every night

We can watch with adject delight

As a trussed up turkey from Albert Square

Gallops about with some creosoated mare

Well lucky for you and lucky for me

This series will continue endlessly 

Might just smash the TV and be done

And move to a cave in Azerbaijan 

The Wasp and the Light BulbĀ 

Oh fiery dome of gorgeous yellow 
Won’t you warm this weary fellow

For I have travelled from afar 

To head butt this sexy indoor star

She glows with such wanton lust

Waiting for my dozy thrust

Oh shimmering siren of molten shine

Whilst thou be forever mine?

May I burn my bottom & sizzle internally 

As long as you are mine for all eternity…