And we’re back….

Greetings multiverse! Apologies for our absence. 

Long months of moving house have zapped all brain resources!

But we turned ourselves on and off again and we seem to be working once more! (Although the internet here is slower than a sloth race!)

We are now even deeper in the Shire, surrounded by oak trees and wild beasties! Muntjac deer, birds, squirrels, ethereal wisps and enchanted hideaways.

Much is to do. Our house needs tender loving cash to bring it to life! New kitchen and bathroom to plan not to mention the veggie patch. The long term plan is self sufficiency and with almost 2 acres we have the potential to produce a great deal. The other part of the plan is jobs for the kids so to speak. When school days draw to a close either through ill health, age or even just the holidays, Fergus and Gwen need something to focus on. Having animals and plants to look after and nurture will offer them great therapy and boost their mental wellbeing. 

So the plans have started! Notebooks and blackboards are filled with ideas. Spring beckons and there’s veggies to plant! 

Keep calm and put the kettle on…

160 mile round trip today to get the news that we knew was coming. There isn’t much more the medics can do for the kids feet. They have what look like pensioners feet: Covered in bunions, freezing cold and contorted from malformed bones. They work, the feet, they actually do what they are supposed to do but they are a bit ‘bargain basement’, you know…a bit rubbish with no longevity but nothing else is available (like shopping for munichies in some soulless grocery leviathan at 3am when you’re drunk), crap but you need them.

Shortly we’ll be moving to a bungalow and the tortured Hell that is a staircase shall be no more!  So it’s not all bad, lovely new home on the horizon (subject to contract!!), Yuletide festivities looming and tonight we have pudding! Now, I just have to make it to Christmas Day without throwing a brick at the John Lewis orgasmic consumerist pornography advert…then all will be well!

Don’t sweat the small stuff…focus your energy wisely.

It’s a useful life mantra. Yes the house is a mess, the kids have put jam in the toaster, there’s wasps humping every light bulb in the house and I haven’t brushed my hair in a week…but it’s ok. I have a roof over my head, I have the use of all of my limbs and there’s a tea caddy full of tea.

When the future looks bleak, grabbing any pleasure is paramount. Just to be able to say, hey I’m (surprisingly) still alive even though I’ve eaten enough butter in my life to kill a blue whale, is a good start! 

My son is going blind and deaf and my daughter won’t be far behind him. They are loosing their balance, stamina and general mobility 

So my focus is on them and making their life fabulous. Making every second count. 

Do I care that there’s six loads of washing to do? That there’s moth holes in all my clothes? That my dog has stolen my socks? No. In fact I can safely say I don’t care. The zombie apocalypse could be in full flow and I could be merrily swatting the undead with a well chosen golf iron as long as I had a hot water bottle and a bottle of Chateaux Lefite to look forward to before bedtime (alright just a bottle of Malbec then!)

I don’t sweat the small stuff, what ever I have left in energy I just want to use to make the kids happy. Yesterday we went to Hampton Court gardens near Leominster, they put on a beautiful firework display that the kids absolutely loved. The great thing is, because the fireworks are against a black night sky, Fergus can see them! He could even see the colours! The joy on his face was awesome.  Now that’s something to invest energy in!

Strictly come Prancing 

‘Tis the season for our BBC

To glow with tangoed sequinned glee,

For well known folk from stage and screen

Have books to sell and careers to preen.

For endless hours, every night

We can watch with adject delight

As a trussed up turkey from Albert Square

Gallops about with some creosoated mare

Well lucky for you and lucky for me

This series will continue endlessly 

Might just smash the TV and be done

And move to a cave in Azerbaijan 

Herefordshire. Green and pleasant therapy 

After a number of days house bound looking after my virus ridden family, I can finally get outside and enjoy the crisp Autumnal air. My dogs are delighted, rolling in the dewy grass and then ‘smiling’ at me with wet faces and wagging tails! The only noise is from some graceful Buzzards riding the breeze. Return home pink cheeked and ready for the day. 10 loads of washing, a whole house to clean and a completely clogged vacuum cleaner…let’s get the kettle on then! Tallyho! 

#carer #Herefordshire 

Birthdays of the eternal toddler! 

Kids are not always known for their patience, especially when that child has special needs and is a teenager! We thought it would be fun to cross off each day of October until the Halloween birthday weekend comes! Daughter decides nope! So gets out a felt tip pen and fills in the entire month in one hit. Hey presto: She’s got a birthday month and she’s reminding us everyday! She has also declared she wants a lion for her birthday…I wonder if John Lewis deliver?