Online spamming teqniques have got so ridiculous, I’m surprised they haven’t been made into a comedy sketch. 

‘The experts don’t want you to know this….’ thats because experts have more sense.

‘Woman is 79 but looks 23….’ yes, and I’m 40 but look like an ovum.

How much stupid can the internet throw at us on a daily basis? Clearly, a gargantuan steaming pile of it. 

Do advertising graduates leave college, brimming with creativity and inspiration, then walk into the boardroom to be told: ‘Find lots of pictures of celebs, you know, Hitler, A Kardashian, Ghengis Khan…then make some vague reference to sex dungeons, anti aging creams or the apocalypse ‘

Is this clever or lazy? Are they really titilating us with fascinating products? 

My thought is, if your product is so weak you have to use click bait to even get people to look at it, it’s obviously rubbish. 

I miss the days of cigarette adverts. Yes, they kill you, but at least the adverts were stylish!


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