Super human 

Carers are highly accomplished you know, we actually defy human evolution. One pair of eyes on the kids, another pair of eyes on the dogs who are with the kids in the garden. The eyes in the back of our head watching the tea cooking and several pairs of arms doing washing, bum wiping, cleaning and medical/DWP paperwork. I’m surprised we don’t all look like a boss eyed Dr Who extras.

Non voters wake up!!

So a snap election is imminent. The political opposition has never been weaker and it’s easy to think what is the point? Truth is, the political elite have had it far too easy for too long. The Conservatives are walking unchallenged all over social care, NHS and Education. There is great unrest among educational & medical professionals, many are leaving their professions. Our young people are facing massive debt, pitiful pensions and the prospect of working into their 80s! This is appalling! Don’t stand for it! If we leave voting to the rich and the middle class grey army, we’ll be ruled by a Government that ignores the young, blames the vulnerable and lines the pockets of the rich. This cannot go on! Make sure you use your vote 8th JUNE. 

Voyeurism television. 

I’m imagining the pitch now…’this is a real groundbreaking show, picture this…. people watching people watching television’.

‘Gogglebox’. What seems like endless hours of watching strangers, who I have no interest in, comment on television programmes that I never watch.

 Let’s not forget those other televisual gems: ‘a day in a hospital’, ‘exciting car crashes, dead or just badly maimed?’ and of course ‘screaming women in labour’.

Then we have the staged versions such as ‘Creosoted toffs of Chelsea’ and ‘tangoed teens of Tyneside’ etc. (you get the idea!)

The news stands have also drip fed us bullshit for years so now its the norm. ‘womens magazines’ are merely catalogues of sensationalist hate, charging you money so you can read how you could be hotter and thinner and ‘omg look at the state of her!’

What do we gain from all this? There’s no stimulation of imagination or learning, no enhancement of wellbeing. 

Why are we being fed voyeurism television and trash reading?  

We’re consuming junk.

Junk food, drink, television and magazines. 

Junk makes you distracted, vegetative and compliant.
Now who benefits from that?

Oooo I’ve got an injury…let’s post it on Facebook! 

Why is it when anyone has an injury or operation they have to post a photo of it on social media?

Don’t get me wrong, I have the upmost sympathy for your situation. Who wouldn’t feel compelled to offer condolences on your imminent prolapse surgery….but do we really need a photo?

Let’s face it if you’re looking for a plethora of sad face emojis and ‘sending hugs hun’ comments all you need to post is a vague inspirational quote involving a sunset and a sentence claiming that all men are bastards.

Feel amazing for free (Plus you get biscuits!)

Are you feeling rubbish about yourself? Bit fed up, flabby and generally wondering what the flipping point is as it’s sodding Monday and there’s not enough coffee in the world.. ..blah blah wah wah…moan moan…RIGHT stop that!

Time to get off your fat bottom sunshine! Want to feel brilliant about yourself for free? AND make someone else feel brilliant too?

Then simply register to donate blood.

I realise some of you can’t, maybe because of illness, but the majority of you can!

You simply register online and then you’ll get a list of dates when the blood team are next in the area so you can book your appointment. 

You get biscuits and snacks afterwards and the nurses are so nice. The best thing is the text you get to tell you where your blood has gone.

You have done something truly amazing and probably helped save someone’s life. Be proud of yourself! 

Give blood and feel bloody brilliant!! 

People before palaces…

​Thought for the day. In the wake of recent news that Buckingham Palace is to have a £369 million repair bill over the next decade, I have read & listened to much of the heated debate and would just like to add something to it. During our campaign to save 1 Ledbury Road, we asked our MPs, Jesse Norman and Bill Wiggin to help us find funding. They both felt the way forward is not from the public purse but  from a wealthy donor. Sadly, as yet, no friendly philanthropist has come forward but it made me think, surely this logic could apply to Buckingham Palace. 

I’m sure HRH The Queen has a veritable bulging black book of billionaires who would love to help in the restoration of Buckingham Palace. 

No one wants to see historic buildings fall into decay, it would be a tragedy to see them fall down. 

I don’t want to see families fall down either. I don’t want to see the tragedy of children taken into care because parent carers are broken and burnt out. I don’t want to hear again how a mother begged for respite because she couldn’t cope but was refused because there was no provision for her severely autistic child. 

I want to see a fairer distribution of wealth and a fairer life for families living on the edge due to disability or poverty. People before Palaces! 

Life hacks: coping with nausea / morning sickness

No, I’m not pregnant again….But after the family recently suffered a bout of Norovirus I was reminded of how horrible sickness is and how debilitating it can be. 

So I thought I’d share a few of tricks I learnt when I used to suffer from terrible morning sickness.

1. Brush your teeth in the shower. I gagged everytime the toothbrush went in my mouth but if I did it in the shower, I didn’t gag. I think maybe the water on my head was distracting my brain. Anyway it worked for me! 

2. Dab a few drops of pure peppermint oil onto a handkerchief and keep it with you. Every time you have a wave a nausea, hold it to your nose. This helped me enormously.

3. When a wave of nausea hits, seek fresh air immediately then recite names of something you’re knowledgeable in. For me it was flowers. I’d stick my head out of the window and call out flower names! My neighbour’s probably thought I was mad but it worked! Again, it distracts the brain.

4. Now this might have just been me, but I found sweet black tea or Bovril were good hot drinks to drink gently after any vomiting. 

I really hope this is a help to some of you. 😊