Are you feeling rubbish about yourself? Bit fed up, flabby and generally wondering what the flipping point is as it’s sodding Monday and there’s not enough coffee in the world.. ..blah blah wah wah…moan moan…RIGHT stop that!

Time to get off your fat bottom sunshine! Want to feel brilliant about yourself for free? AND make someone else feel brilliant too?

Then simply register to donate blood.

I realise some of you can’t, maybe because of illness, but the majority of you can!

You simply register online and then you’ll get a list of dates when the blood team are next in the area so you can book your appointment. 

You get biscuits and snacks afterwards and the nurses are so nice. The best thing is the text you get to tell you where your blood has gone.

You have done something truly amazing and probably helped save someone’s life. Be proud of yourself! 

Give blood and feel bloody brilliant!! 


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