This isn’t a religious post, merely a lighthearted pondering on Life, The Universe and everything.!

Being a non believer must be very bleak mustn’t it? No posthumous celestial party to look forward to, no dancing the funky chicken at 3am with a cloud of twinkling sky fairies..

Isn’t that awfully sad? Well, not to me, no.

I consider myself a lapsed Atheist really.  I absolutely love religious architecture, stained glass windows, church yards, ancient religious art not to mention dragons, fairies, unicorns, pixies and of course Hobbits! Magic, wonder and myth swirl around many aspects of life and much of it is fascinating and often beautiful.

Some folk believe in a God and that’s cool, whatever helps you get through life being an infinitesimal spec on this tiny blue dot in the vastness of time and space…

Some people find hope and peace from having a Faith. For me it’s all about the here and now. No planning for the beyond, no living a certain way to ensure I get that ‘heavenly golden ticket’! I believe we have one life, you have to make the most of it. Basically, be happy, be kind and don’t be a dick! Don’t waste your life doing a job you hate, don’t put up with shitty people in your life, do make the most of everyday. Of course this is sometimes easier said than done but when your time being alive is limited and fragile, you have to grasp every moment! Savour it! 

Do it!…Eat the cake! Wear the sequins! Dye your hair purple! Love unconditionally, go gently when judging people & don’t read the Daily Mail! 

And at the end?

It’s not the end, just a transition.

We give our bodies back to the Earth and slowly return to stardust. 

You live on in those who you leave behind. In their memories, in their photos, videos & keepsakes. 

Body and consciousness recycled & remembered! 

You are immortal!  


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