The clocks have gone back one hour and now instead of being up at 6am, I’m now up at 5. I wouldn’t mind but the only TV on at that time is 20 channels of unfeasibly beautiful Americans selling living room contraptions for us fatties who don’t like sweating in public. 

How about a bit of fuzzy feel good TV at that time of day? Top of the Pops? Bagpuss? He-man? 

Then I can pretend it’s 1985 again, I’m a weird scruffy tomboy and the only things that concern me are ponies and fondant fancies. 

Those were the days! I would never have imagined I’d eventually end up here, living in a strange alternate reality to the ‘normals’. 15 years of changing nappies, watching Cbeebies and never growing up. We seem to be caught in a time loop like Miss Peregrine’s peculiar poppits! In a world of the eternal toddler!

Well I suppose as long as there’s plenty of tea and the BBC don’t put on that distinctly sinister florescent pom pom vom fest, ‘The Tweenies’, I think I can just about manage to bring myself to acknowledge the morning in due course. Tea! I demand to have some tea!!



One thought on “Hello darkness my old friend…

  1. You write so beautifully! I felt like I had toddlers forever and my 6 year old is still prone to behaving like one. He has regular nose bleeds where he looses incredible amounts of blood usually all over the bed and carpet at 3am whilst I’m sleeping off the effect of a couple of pints of wine. But you have a whole different set of problems. The change of clock however is the stupidest thing ever. I lobbied to outlaw it but never got anywhere despite managing to convince our island to a vote. The problem was that Jersey didn’t want to be on a different time zone to the UK because of the disruption to working hours being out of sync. But the very least they could do is put on nostalgia TV for us 70’s children who are all up with our ‘poppets’ you’re so right xx

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