….when a bunch of over paid show offs try and sell us exorbitantly priced stink water in fancy bottles because apparently everybody in the world has forgotten about soap …. Falalalala..lala..lala

Halloween is barely cold in its elaborately decorated ‘Day of the dead’ coffin before BOOM! The consummerist orgasmic explosion that is Christmas bursts into our consciousness like a vulgar, over familiar glitter Labrador. You love it dearly but wish it would wait until you’re ready for it.

Why does it start so early? Relentless advertising: Perfume, chocolate, alcohol, food, trinkets, electronics, toys, stuff, things, crap, landfill.

I think there’s alot to be said for making presents. Be it homemade jam, a knitted hat or a somewhat peculiar effigy of Shadowfax whittled out of polystyrene. 

It’s the time, thought and injuries incurred during the making that counts.


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